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Product Descriptions

The HUSB238 is a highly integrated USB Power Delivery (PD) controller as sink role for up to 100W power rating. The HUSB238 is compatible with PD3.0 and Type-C V1.4, and it can also support Apple Divider 3, BC1.2 SDP, CDP and DCP while the source is attached. The HUSB238 can be used in electronic devices that have legacy barrel connectors or USB micro-B connectors for power such as IoT (Internet of Things) devices, wireless charger, drones, smart speakers, power tools, and other rechargeable devices.The HUSB238 is available in 3mm x 3mm DFN-10L package option.

Typical Application Circuit
Sample and Order
Order modelPackageSOP’OTP ThresholdMismatch ActionUSB Comm
HUSB238_001DDDFN-10LYES90°C / 75°CRequest 5VNOTape & Reel, 4kApply Now
HUSB238_002DDDFN-10LNO150°C / 130°CNext PDONOTape & Reel, 4kApply Now
HUSB238_003DDDFN-10LYES90°C / 75°CNext PDONOTape & Reel, 4kApply Now
HUSB238_004DDDFN-10LNO150°C / 130°CRequest 5VNOTape & Reel, 4kApply Now
HUSB238_005DDDFN-10LNO150°C / 130°CNext PDOYESTape & Reel, 4kApply Now
HUSB238_006DDDFN-10LNO150°C / 130°CNext PDOYESTape & Reel, 4kApply Now
Product Features

  • USB-IF certified with TID: 3666

  • Standalone USB Power Delivery (PD) sink controller

  • Legacy charging sink

    • Apple divider 3 detection

    • BC1.2 SDP, CDP and DCP detection

  • Dead battery function

  • SOP’ communication function

  • 3V to 25V operation range

  • 30V voltage rating on VIN and GATE pins

  • 25V voltage rating on CC1 and CC2 pins

  • I2C access for monitoring and advanced settings

  • Integrated PMOS driver

  • VBUS over-voltage protection (OVP) and under-voltage protection (UVP)

  • Over-temperature protection (OTP) with programmable thresholds

  • Low power consumption

Technical Documents
Typical Applications


Wireless charger


Portable devices


USB-C to DC cable

Evaluation Board Kit


HUSB238 demo board 1: EVB_HUSB238_002DD


HUSB238 demo board 2: REF_HUSB238_MP2651

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