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With the rise of third-generation semiconductor power devices such as gallium nitride and silicon carbide in various applications the totem-pole PFC has transit
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5 24, 2024 read more
Adopting the 100W five-core cable solution with HUSB332F
In response to the crisis of rising copper prices, Hynetek has introduced its latest generation solution – the HUSB332F – which supports 100W five-core cable eM
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Totem-Pole PFC: HP1010 power your Two-wheeler journey green, fast, safe
Two-wheeler ensures convenient healthy and green lifestyle in today’s life Imaging you fully rested recharged overnight ready to start a new day would you want
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Totem-Pole PFC: HP1010 power your Two-wheeler journey green, fast, safe
Two-wheeler ensures convenient healthy and green lifestyle in today’s life Imaging you fully rested recharged overnight ready to start a new day would you want
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Digital Totem-Pole & Interleaved PFC: HP1010 & HP1011 new performance for motor drives
In this reading, we delve into the advantages of Totem-Pole and interleaved PFC from HyCtrl® family of Hynetek, HP1010 and HP1011 (HP101X) exploring how their i
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Hynetek made a spectacular appearance at the 14th Asia Power Supply Technology Development Forum and was honored with the Domestic Analog IC Industry Product Innovation Award.
Hynetek made a spectacular appearance at the 14th Asia Power Supply Technology Development Forum and was honored with the Domestic Analog IC Industry Product In
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Exclusive Headline | Hynetek, as the sole representative from the mainland chip industry, travels to Taipei for the USB-IF Compliance Workshop
This November 6th, Hynetek was the sole representative from the mainland's chip industry to attend the USB-IF Compliance Workshop #132 in Taipei, China.
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New Upgrade | HP1012: Digital Totem Pole PFC Controller with 650 V Half-Bridge Gate Driver
Recently our launched totem pole PFC digital controller HP1010 has gained significant market recognition for its high efficiency and flexibility as well as simp
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Hynetek Semiconductor Shanghai Office Relocation Celebration!
Hynetek has always been committed to providing high-quality products and excellent services To fulfill this mission we believe that a modern spacious inspiring
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New Product Launch | HP1011: High-Performance Digital Dual-Phase Interleaved PFC Controller
For medium to high power PFC applications, the combination of Hynetek's HP1011 and HP3000 offers an outstanding PFC solution with high power ranging from 300 W
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HP1010 – The World’s first dedicated Totem-Pole PFC digital controller
To harvest benefits without risking the system robustness, Hynetek Semiconductor has launched the HP1010, the very first dedicated PFC controller for Totem-Pole
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New Generation of Highly Integrated PD Chips Debut for Corded Adapters
HUSB381 is a new high-performance and highly integrated USB PD power supply protocol controller from Hynetek, specially designed for non-separable cable (Captiv
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Congratulations! Hynetek was awarded the specialized and sophisticated
In order to deeply implement the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping on "cultivating a number of ' Specialized and Sophisticated ' SMEs", on 1
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First Batch! Hynetek’s HUSB362 Receives PD3.1 EPR Certification Authorisation
In July 2023, Hynetek's PD Source HUSB362 has passed the USB-IF Association's PD3.1 EPR certification test and has become one of the first chips to be authorise
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Built-in ultra-low impedance N-MOS PD protocol chip HUSB381 to solve the needs of 18W~65W fast charging design
The HUSB381 is a new high-performance, small form factor USB PD Source chip from Hynetek that supports 18 W~65 W power output and facilitates miniaturized fast
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Have a good Dragon Boat Festival
Have a good Dragon Boat Festival!
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USB PD 3.1 EPR Powers 24V DC Motor Drive
It is worth noting that the USB PD 3.1 protocol brings a typical application extension: providing power supply for 24-volt DC motor drives.
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New start, new journey|Hynetek';s Shenzhen office is moving to a new location!
In order to meet the company's growing business needs and to better serve our customers with comprehensive technical support, the Shenzhen office of Hynetek Sem
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3 simple steps to upgrade USB Type-C devices, 240W PD Sink HUSB238A is strongly launched
The HUSB238A, launched by Hynetek, is a milestone as a PD Sink controller that supports PD3.1 EPR and raises the power limit of the decoy solution to 240 W. It
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New Products|Buck+1A1C fast charging protocol, ultra-high integration solution for multi-port fast charging sources
What is a highly integrated PD protocol chip? Hynetek Semiconductor is proud to introduce its first 1A1C dual-port fast charging chip with integrated Buck contr
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Tribute to workers|Every moment of struggle, full of electricity to the fullest
Happy International Labor Day from Hynetek Semiconductor!
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Refining the hard power of science and technology, Hynetek';;s long-term layout of intellectual property
Up to now, Hynetek has core fast charging patents in the field of consumer products, and has a solid patent layout in the field of industrial digital energy tec
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New 2C1A three-port USB PD controller with flexible miniaturization for 18W~65W multi-port fast charging design
In response to the trend of multi-port fast charging in the fast charging source market, Hynetek is introducing a high-performance, highly integrated USB Type-C
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Application Report|Disassembly Case Based on HUSB332C "One-Cable with Two-eMarker" PD3.1 Over Temperature Protection Solution
UGREEN 's new Lightning π 240W usb-c to usb-c fast charging cable, using HUSB332C "One-Cable with Two-eMarker" high-power over-temperature protection scheme, su
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Hynetek presents new 20W~140W single/multi-port USB PD products at 2023【Spring】 Asia Charging Expo
March 14-16 2023 Shenzhen ChinaThe 2023 SpringAsiaCharging Expo was held at the Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center and Hynetek Semiconductor which
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Connecting to the UFCS ecosystem!The first eMarker HUSB335 supporting the UFCS protocol is available.
Currently, devices and chargers that support the UFCS protocol have been launched one after another. A major breakthrough has just been made on the cable side c
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More Than Small ! HUSB332D opens up the era of 4-pin emarker
Recently, it is widely rumored that the interface of iPhone 15 series will be replaced with USB Type-C port, and the key accessory that connects it to the charg
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High-performance, highly integrated A+C dual-port fast charging chip HUSB365 for miniaturized multi-port PD3.1 fast charging source design
The HUSB365 is a high performance, high integration USB Type-C and USB Type-A Dual-Port controller. When any one of them works alone, it supports fast charging
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Dialogue with Engineer|Mainstream Architecture Analysis and Implementation of Multi-port Fast Charging
​The more common multi-port products on the market are power adapters, car chargers, row plugs, wall chargers, etc.. Multi-port is mainly presented as 2C, 1A1C,
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USB eMarker HUSB332C is PD3.1 certified and comes with over-temperature protection [OTP]
USB-IF Association official message:TID 8655, listed as Marketing Name: USB PD3.1 eMarker Part Number: HUSB332C has passed USB–IF Compliance testing and is lis
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Hynetek was invited to participate in the【2023 Shenzhen International Conference on 8K UHD Video Industry Development】
Hynetek was invited to participate in the meeting as a member of the Shenzhen 8K UHD Video Industry Cooperation Alliance . At the same time, Mr. James, chairman
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Innovation|Hynetek Continues to Strengthen the Product Layout of the USB Type-C Ecosystem 【New Products & Hot Products Roundup】
2022 is a year of rapid development for Hynetek. In this year, Hynetek has made new breakthroughs in business expansion and product layout, and has completed th
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Hynetek:Happy New Year!
Hynetek:Happy New Year!
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Seminar Review|Analysis of USB-C cable solutions under USB PD3.1 and USB4 V2.0 standards
On December 9 quotUSB PD31 USB4 V20 standard USB-C cable solutions seminarquot was successfully held jointly organized by Guangdong Connector Association and
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Seminar Invitation|240W, 80Gbps! How to achieve the best performance with USB-C cables
With the new standard, USB Type-C cables allow for 240W fast charging with 80Gbps data transfer. This also allows USB-C cables to be used for higher performance
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New ultra-high integration USB PD Source chip HUSB380 with built-in low-impedance N-MOS
The HUSB380 is a new highly integrated, high performance, small form factor USB PD Source chip from Hynetek Semiconductor that supports 15W~65W power output
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In-depth explanation|USB-IF Announces Publication of New USB4® Specification to Enable USB 80Gbps Performance
USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the support organization for the advancement and adoption of USB technology, today announced the publication of the USB4® Versi
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Dialogue Engineer | Application Exploration of USB PD Sink HUSB238
​Faced with all kinds of portable electronic devices around us, we always hope to solve all charging needs through a charger, and the USB Type-C interface i
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20W/25W Fast Charging Source Design - Solving 90% Charging Problems of Electronic Devices
​The HUSB351 of Hyenetek is a USB PD Source chip specially launched for the 20W/25W fast charging market. It has the smallest package size , which is conducive
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The new USB-A fast charging protocol control chip HUSB601, which has passed QC3+ certification and supports up to 20V charging voltage
Recently, Hynetek has launched a highly integrated USB-A fast charging protocol control chip HUSB601, which has passed QC3+ certification, certificate number QC
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USB Promoter Group Announces USB4® Version 2.0 Specification defines delivering up to 80 Gbps over USB Type-C®
As a member of the USB-IF Association's Interface Specification Working Group, Hynetek Semiconductor actively participated in the development of USB4® version 2
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Integrated Over Temperature Protection [OTP] of PD3.1 eMarker HUSB332C, helping 240W fast charging
The new USB eMarker HUSB332C from Hynetek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.( is compatible with USB PD3.1, and supports up to 240W charging power. In addi
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New USB PD Products of Hynetek at 2022 [Summer]Asia Charging Expo
Charging Asia 2022 (Summer) was held as scheduled at Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center from August 16-18, and Hynetek was invited to exhibit at t
8 22, 2022 read more
Hynetek insists on being the standard setter in the field of USB PD technology
​ Recently, "Safety Requirements and Test Methods for Mobile Terminal Fast Charging Adapters" (T/ZSA 116-2022), which was formulated with the participation o
8 3, 2022 read more
Hynetek Releases HUSB361, a Highly Integrated 15W~65W USB PD Chip for Efficient and Low-Consumption Fast Charging Source Design
Facing the power supply design trend of small size single-port or multi-port fast charging, Hynetek Semiconductor has launched HUSB361, an ultra-small packa
8 2, 2022 read more
Hynetek Launches HUSB362 Compatible with UFCS Protocol, Supports Multi-port 140W PD3.1 Power Supply Design
Recently, Hynetek Semiconductor launched HUSB362, a USB PD Source chip with integrated MCU. As a chip designed for high performance power supply, it is suitable
7 1, 2022 read more
Fully Autonomous USB Type-C Port Controller[CC Logic] HUSB320 with flexible selection of I2C and GPIO modes
The HUSB320 is designed for USB Type-C ports and offers high performance, ultra-low power consumption and pin-to-pin replacement. With the HUSB320, engineers ca
6 29, 2022 read more
What is "one cable with two eMarkers" ?
According to the market trend - high power fast charging + ultra-high speed transmission, eMarker is gradually becoming the standard for USB Type-C cables. In o
6 28, 2022 read more
Four 35W dual-C PD source solutions, covering the mainstream PD protocols on the market
On June 7, the European Union announced the regulation of "harmonizing the use of USB Type-C ports for mobile device charging in the EU". On the same day, Apple
6 10, 2022 read more
Hynetek Launches PD3.1 140W Dual C-port Fast Charging Solution
The first device to support USB PD3.1 is the 2021 Macbook Pro from Apple, which supports 140W USB-C fast charging. Aiming at this demand of more than 100 watts
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[Repost]Hynetek Semiconductor Joins the Terminal Fast Charging Industry Society(UFCS), Working Together to Accelerate the Development of a Converged Fast Charging Ecology
Reposted from UFCSHynetek Semiconductor Co Ltd has officially joined the Guangdong Fast Charging Industry Society and both parties will work together to promote
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HUSB311 helps realize domestic USB Type-C port
According to Bloomberg news, the relevant domestic institutions and units in the next 2 years to complete a total of 50 million units of domestic computer r
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Happy International Worker’s Day!
Thank you for every work and company.
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Intellectual property rights empower innovation and development, and patents forge core competitiveness
The company has now applied for 56 patents, mainly covering control circuits, interface circuits, detection methods and other technical fields. It is worth ment
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Hynetek Launches HUSB320, an Ultra-low Power USB Type-C Port Controller
The new HUSB320 from Hynetek, a USB Type-C port controller, also called CC Logic, supports the latest USB Type-C 2.1 specification.The HUSB320 is freely config
4 18, 2022 read more
fight against COVID-19 with one heart and overcom the difficult times together|Hynetekers’ diary of fighting against COVID-19
In local Shanghai, people from all walks of life have also joined the frontline of fighting against COVID-19.
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Hynetek Launches 140W PD3.1 Sink Evaluation Board
With the introduction of PD3.1 standard, the charging power has increased from 100W to 240W. In this context, Hynetek Semiconductor has launched a 140W PD3.
4 2, 2022 read more
[Repost] Hynetek Semiconductor Enters Samsung‘s Fast Charging Supply Chain
Samsung's 45W GaN fast charging kit with dual USB-C cables as standard uses E-Marker chips from Hynetek, which marks Hynetek Semiconductor's official entry into
4 2, 2022 read more
Hynetek Shanghai office moved to a new location to start a new journey in the future
On March 9, 2022, Hynetek Semiconductor's Shanghai office moved to a new location and officially started a new journey. The new office is located at Building 3A
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Helping the development of the outdoor power supply market, Hynetek has many solutions to meet the needs of Type-A, Type-C, high-power PD fast charging, etc.
In the face of different charging equipment, outdoor power supplies need to solve different charging problems. Hynetek has launched a number of solutions to mee
3 1, 2022 read more
How does the eMarker realize encryption | The first PD3.1 certified chip in this world HUSB332B
HUSB332B is the first chip in the industry to pass the USB PD3.1 E-Marker Silicon certification test, TID 6773. HUSB332B supports PD3.1 EPR 240W power transmiss
2 15, 2022 read more
Withstand voltage up to 16V, USB-C 5V3A DFP chip with built-in load switch
The HUSB305 of Hynetek Semiconductor is an ultra-integrated USB PD Source chip with high withstand voltage high integration and ultra-small package HUSB305 high
1 26, 2022 read more
Hynetek laid out e-Marker, PD Source, PD DRP chips in advance, and launched a complete set of PD3.1 high-power solutions
Facing the market development trend under the USB PD 3.1 standard, the need for product upgrades is obvious. Hynetek has layouts on the power supply end, power
1 17, 2022 read more
"Vigorously promote charging interface, technology integration"
On January 10, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a letter on the reply to the proposal of the Fourth Session of the 13th National Commi
1 14, 2022 read more
Online seminar invitation in January | The latest technical specifications of USB4 240W EPR Cable and PD3.1 are revealed
On January 12, 2022, Allion will hold an online seminar with Hynetek , the only local chip manufacturer participating in the formulation of the USB PD3.1 specif
1 14, 2022 read more
2021 New Product Review & Popular Product Inventory
In 2021, the global chip market is full of challenges, and Hynetek Semiconductor insists on fulfilling its commitment to customers with practical actions. At th
1 14, 2022 read more
Will the USB-C port be standard on laptops in 2022? Get product upgrade plan now!
According to industry chain news, in 2022, notebook computer manufacturers will configure at least one USB-C interface for their computers. Compared with tradit
1 14, 2022 read more
热门电器的自身“专用”充电器正在逐渐被USB-C接口充电器替代。通过使用慧能泰旗下的USB PD Sink(PD受电端芯片,也叫PD诱骗芯片)芯片HUSB238,产品可实现USB-C接口,并快速迈入USB-C小家电时代。
12 21, 2021 read more
慧能泰推出内置负载开关的USB-C 5V3A DFP芯片
​随着USB Type-C端口的普及,USB-IF协会正在逐步实现减少电子垃圾的愿望。慧能泰作为USB-IF协会的成员也一直在朝着这个方向努力。近日慧能泰推出了业界最小封装,超高集成度的USB PD Source芯片HUSB351。其集成了超低Rdson的NMOS和电流采样电路,封装尺寸仅为3mmx3mm。
12 19, 2021 read more
业内首家,慧能泰HUSB332B通过USB-IF PD3.1认证
根据USB-IF官网的消息,慧能泰半导体Hynetek的USB eMarker芯片HUSB332B已经获得USB PD3.1认证,TID 6773。HUSB332B支持PD3.1 EPR 240W功率传输和USB4 Gen3 40Gbps数据传输,也支持Thunderbolt 3功能
12 19, 2021 read more
慧能泰推出USB PD3.1完整解决方案
随着USB PD 3.1的发布,USB-IF协会正一步步实现充电统一的愿景,同时也在逐步兑现减少电子垃圾的初衷。为了进一步加大充电功率,从而覆盖更多的受电终端。USB-IF在今年5月正式发布了USB PD3.1标准,由于USB Type-C口的充电电流被限制在5A,所以要想加大功率只能提升电压。
11 19, 2021 read more
玩转USB Type C, 从PD PHY开始
说起USB,大家应该都是耳熟能详,特别是现在的最热门的明星USB Type C,已经成功的深入到大家生活的方方面面。自从2015年面世以来,历经多次迭代升级, USB Type C俨然已经是我们生活中的不可或缺的部分。从我们每日爱不释手的智能手机,到家中C位的智能电视,不知不觉当中,Type C已经深深的植根于这些产品
6 7, 2021 read more
业界最小,慧能泰推出超高集成度USB PD芯片HUSB351
近日,慧能泰推出了业界最小封装、超高集成度的USB PD Source芯片HUSB351。HUSB351在原来的USB PD Source控制器基础上,集成了超低Rdson的N-MOSFET和电流采样电路,而封装尺寸仅为3mmx3mm大小。
5 31, 2021 read more
USB PD3.1深度解读
USB PD3.1提出的背景是:“启用一类新的USB-C / PD产品/连接符合IEC标准,工作功率> 100W。“翻译成通俗语言就是,设备采用USB Type-C接口供电,但是功率需要大于100W,怎么办?最早的发起者是美国苹果公司,他们想在新一代的游戏本电脑中把供电功率提升到140W,同时保持USB-C接口供电方式
5 29, 2021 read more
慧能泰推出高性能USB PD PHY芯片HUSB311
在USB Type-C & PD领域,慧能泰半导体一直领先于国内芯片厂商。国内第一颗USB PD3.0认证协议芯片、国内第一颗USB PD3.0 PPS认证协议芯片、国内第一颗USB PD3.0 eMarker协议芯片均是出自慧能泰。截至目前,慧能泰取得USB PD认证的芯片数量也是国内最多的。随着USB Type-
5 28, 2021 read more
随着USB Type-C(简称USB-C)成为大一统的接口,USB PD快充快速普及。很多电子设备输入端口转为USB-C接口,比如无线充底座、智能音箱、电子烟、筋膜枪、按摩仪、便携榨汁机、游戏机、无人机等等。最近小编发现便携式投影仪也采用了USB-C接口,支持PD快速充电。今天我们来聊聊便携式投影仪这个产品。
3 16, 2021 read more
User Guide for the HUSB238 USB PD Sink Reference Design Boar
The HUSB238 is a highly integrated USB Power Delivery (PD) controller as sink role . The HUSB238 is compatible with USB PD3.0 V1.3 and Type C V1.4 and it can al
2 22, 2021 read more
12 25, 2020 read more
12月18日,2020(冬季) USB PD&Type-C亚洲展在深圳市南山区科兴科学园成功举办。慧能泰应用总监欧应阳在展会论坛上发表了题为《PD快充开启设备新时代》的演讲。
12 19, 2020 read more
Integrated USB Type-C PD and 1-4 Cell Batteries Charging
This reference design includes a highly integrated USB PD sink controller HUSB238 and a highly integrated Buck-boost charger MP2651. This reference design can s
12 10, 2020 read more
集成USB Type-C PD和 1-4节电池充电的参考设计
本参考设计包含了一颗高集成度受电端USB PD协议控制芯片(USB PD Sink Controller) HUSB238和一颗高集成度Buck-boost充电管理芯片MP2651。通过该参考设计,可使用USB PD电源适配器给1-4节锂电池充电。HUSB238与PD 电源适配器( PDSource) 进行协商,可设置
12 7, 2020 read more
慧能泰USB PD Sink芯片HUSB238发布直播
从三年前到现在,USB Type-C & PD在手机和笔记本电脑中普及;从现在到未来两三年,USB Type-C & PD也将在各类设备中普及。作为世界上最简的受电端PD Sink芯片, HUSB238可以用于具有传统桶连接器或USB micro-B电源连接器的电子设备,如无线充电器、无人机、物联网设备、智能扬声器、电
9 23, 2020 read more
全球的便携式电子产品正快速转向USB-C,诸如智能手机、个人电脑、游戏机、无人机、数码相机和智能音箱等消费产品已经采用这一标准。USB-C和USB PD很快就将成为新的大一统电源标准,取代不兼容、不一致的传统桶形连接器。这样只需携带一个USB-C电源适配器,就可以为任意设备供电。
9 14, 2020 read more
慧能泰发布世界上最简的USB PD Sink (;BCR);解决方案
慧能泰近日发布了世界上最简的USB PD Sink解决方案HUSB238。这种方案也被称为桶形连接器替换(BCR),旨在替代传统的桶形连接器和DC插座(DC JACK)。随着USB-C的流行,越来越多的桶形连接器正在转换成USB-C连接器,并实现USB PD快充。
9 10, 2020 read more
慧能泰推出高集成度PD协议芯片HUSB351,主推25W PD市场
慧能泰近期推出了集成MOSFET负载开关和电流采样电阻的超高集成度PD协议芯片HUSB351。HUSB351主推25W PD市场,为客户提供高集成度的PD解决方案,当然也可以灵活设置成其他规格,如27W PD等。
8 25, 2020 read more
慧能泰推出USB4 eMarker芯片
2019年3月4日,USB推广组织宣布,USB4构架将在2019年下半年左右到来。USB4协议将基于雷电3协议进行开发,传输速率最高可达40Gbps,最高能提供100W电力,可外接显卡、两台4K显示器或单台5K显示器!并向下兼容 USB3.2 、USB2.0 标准和雷电3。
8 18, 2020 read more
苹果20W PD会支持PPS吗?
今年,有关iPhone的好消息是,苹果PD快充规格“升级”到了20W(5V3A & 9V2.22A)。坏消息是,原装可能不附送,想要的话,请自行购买,这无疑将引爆电商配件市场。问题来了,苹果为何要推出20W PD快充?在我们看来,主要是两方面的原因:
8 1, 2020 read more
慧能泰推出20W PD快充协议芯片
今年,有关苹果iPhone的好消息是,苹果PD快充规格“升级”到了20W(5V3A & 9V2.22A)。坏消息是,原装可能不附送,想要的话,请自行购买,这无疑将引爆电商配件市场。
7 3, 2020 read more
近日,慧能泰Hynetek的WLCSP-6B超小型封装eMarker 芯片HUSB332实现量产, 该封装的尺寸是0.875mmx1.425mm,管脚定义如下:
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Merry Chrismas
Merry Chrismas
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60W智能功率分配双C盲插PD方案 HUSB350+iW1760B+iW676+MP2491C
HUSB350是Hynetek慧能泰最新推出的PD3.0 PPS 协议芯片,主要指标如下:
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业界对USB Type-C &PD和E-Marker 谈论了这么久,可很少有文章能讲清楚这三者到底是什么,有什么区别,又有什么联系,这次我们特邀慧能泰半导体的两位重量级大神给大家进行相关课题的演讲。同时,针对USB Type-C 制造过程中遇到的高压和绝缘问题,请来业界专家凌统军进行案例分享。
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PD中的乐高-HUSB350 2C+1A智能功率分配方案
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Hynetek慧能泰发布新一代PD3.0 PPS芯片HUSB350
2019(秋季) USB PD&Type-C亚洲展于8月23日在深圳市南山区科兴科学园成功举办。本次展会由充电头网主办,报名总人数超过4000人,吸引了近百家USB PD&Type-C产业链优质供应商参展。
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拆解报告:belkin 30W USB PD快充车载充电器(1A1C)
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慧能泰半导体最近设计推出一款新的总功率为30W A+C参考样机。这款参考样机的特点如下:
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HUSB339 USB-A+USB-C双口智能功率分配方案更新
随着USB PD快充的高速发展, USB-A+USB-C双口输出的PD快充无疑是当前实用性最好、最受欢迎的PD快充方案之一。其中USB-C口支持PD的5V,9V,12V,15V和20V不同电压档输出;而USB-A口支持5V/2.4A,12W输出。更为重要的是,USB-A+USB-C双口支持智能功率分配功能,USB-C输
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GaN”中文名“氮化镓”,是一种新型半导体材料,它具有禁带宽度大、热导率高、耐高温、等多种优点,被誉为第三代半导体材料。在PD快充领域,GaN的快速普及,推动着更小、更轻便、更高效率PD充电器的普及。大家都知道ANKER PowerPort Atom PD 1 的30W PD充电器,这是ANKER前段时间发布的充电领域
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18W PD的爆款组合
从今年的4-5月开始,苹果开放了MFi 18W PD快充的认证,相对于价格高高在上的苹果18W原装充电器,MFi 18W PD快充凭着超高的性价比正在引爆整个市场。与此同时,18W PD快充正在越来越成为各类型号的手机的标配之选。
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2019年3月4日,USB推广组织宣布,USB4构架将在2019年下半年左右到来。USB4协议将基于雷电3(也称霹雳3)协议进行开发,传输速率最高可达40Gbps,最高能提供100W电力,可外接显卡、两台4K显示器或单台5K显示器!并向下兼容 USB3.2、USB2.0 标准和雷电3。
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基于SC1933C和HUSB339的60W GaN充电器方案
2018年10月25日,ANKER在美国纽约发布了充电领域划时代的新品“ANKER PowerPort Atom PD 1” GaN充电器,因搭载了高频高效的GaN(氮化镓)功率器件而备受业界关注。2019年3月,ANKER GaN技术充电器的第一款产品正式在国内上市,名叫ANKER PowerPort Atom PD
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2019年5月8日下午,由虎门信息线缆传输协会和深圳市连接器行业协会联合主办的第三届USB TYPE-C量产化及最新应用高峰论坛在东莞虎门国际会展中心多功能厅举行。 面对USB Type-C、USB3.1、USB3.2和即将发布的USB4,各位专家分享了USB Type-C线缆与连接器上设计、加工制造的挑战和机会。业内
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MFi 18W PD快充是个什么鬼?
众所周知,新款iPhone已经支持了USB PD快充,但是苹果并没有那么厚道,哪怕是破万元的售价,也只配备了基于USB-A接口的“五福一安”(5V1A)充电套装。目前Lightning接口支持USB PD快充的iOS设备有:iPhone8 / 8P / X / XR / XS / XS MAX,另外平板还有 iPad
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HUSB339是国内首家通过USB PD3.0 PPS认证的芯片级产品。它集成了多种方便易用的功能,可以帮助用户设计一款更可靠,性价比更高的产品。 HUSB339的其中一项强大功能就是支持通过Type-C口烧录。通过图形化应用界面(GUI),用户不用写任何软件代码录,只需要通过简单的选择,就可以快速完成PD充电器参数
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USB-IF对Cable plug响应Get_Manufacturer_Info命令的澄清
2019年4月3日,USB-IF协会发布了USB PD3.0的更新,其中一个ECN是“USB PD R3.0 V1.2 ECN Cable Plug Get_Manufacturer_Info Clarification”,对cable plug响应Get_Manufacturer_Info命令作了说明。这也是对前段时
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2019年3月4日,USB推广组织宣布,USB4构架将在2019年下半年左右到来。USB4协议将基于雷电3协议进行开发,传输速率最高可达40Gbps,最高能提供100W电力,可外接显卡、两台4K显示器或单台5K显示器!并向下兼容 USB3.2 、USB2.0 标准和雷电3。
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国内首家!!!HUSB339 获得PPS 认证
2018年11月份初,慧能泰半导体CTO谢仁践和应用总监欧应阳一同参加了在台北举办的USB-IF workshop(插拔大会)的认证测试,慧能泰PD系列新一代产品,型号HUSB339 ,顺利通过了认证测试,并于近日正式获得USB-IF的PPS认证(TID#62)。HUSB339是国内第一家获得PPS认证的PD SRC控
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深圳慧能泰半导体科技有限公司CEO 谢仁践出席2018(夏季)中国USB PD快充产业高峰论坛
2018(夏季)中国USBPD快充产业高峰论坛第三位神秘演讲嘉宾揭晓!」 深圳慧能泰半导体科技有限公司CEO 谢仁践,本次峰会谢总将为大家带来《慧能泰助力PD快充产业化》主题演讲。
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慧能泰半导体重磅推出USB PD芯片HUSB338
继PD E-Marker芯片HUSB330在2017年下半年率先通过USB-IF协会认证并实现量产后,慧能泰半导体(Hynetek Semiconductor)重磅推出USB PD芯片HUSB338并在近日通过USB-IF协会的 PD认证。HUSB338的TID号为1000151,XID号为0005398。
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USB Type-C PD兼容性测试与使用经验分享
一位Google工程师自告奋勇测试亚马逊网络商店上所贩卖的USB Type-C线缆,没想到却引发了一场灾难。除了多数线材设计不合规范外,当他试着将某牌USB3.1 Type-C 线缆连接Chromebook Pixel时,因线缆里头的两条电线焊接位置错误
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带E-Marker芯片的USB Type-C公头PCB设计指南
E-Marker芯片的使用场景 USBType-C规范定义了各类USB Type-C线缆:
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慧能泰半导体 (Hynetek Semiconductor) 推出了USB Type-c线缆的电子标记芯片(E-Marker)HUSB330。该芯片支持2mm x 2mm DFN-6L和2mm x 3mm DFN-8L两种类型的封装。芯片在2017年已经获得USB-IF认证,TID 号: 1000060, XID 号:
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