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Adopting the 100W five-core cable solution with HUSB332F

5 7, 2024

Following gold, copper has emerged as another skyrocketing commodity! As an indispensable raw material for wire and cable production, the soaring price of copper has directly triggered a cost alarm, squeezing profit margins for companies. Numerous wire and cable manufacturers are confronted with severe challenges and trials.


Figure 1:Copper Price Rise Chart

In response to the crisis of rising copper prices, Hynetek has introduced its latest generation solution – the HUSB332F – which supports 100W five-core cable eMarker technology.


Figure 2:HUSB332F Package Diagram

HUSB332F is a USB Type-C eMarker for Cable ID applications. It is compliant to USB Power Delivery 3.0. HSUB332F provides an extremely cost-effective solution for a USB type-C cable. Powered from VBUS directly could help the user to save the VCONN wire in the cable. With the SOT23-3L package, it could help the designer to design the paddle card easily. HUSB332F applied to cables with a fixed power of 100 W. The enhanced ±6 KV system ESD protection on the exposed pins can improve the system reliability significantly. The HUSB332F operates over a wide supply range of 4.25 V to 40 V. It is available in SOT23-3L package. It is rated over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

Achieving 5A high current supply with just five wires, the HUSB332F revolutionizes traditional cable design by maintaining simplicity while increasing current-carrying capacity. Requiring only VBUS, GND, CC, D+, and D- connections on the PCB, this approach keeps cable manufacturing straightforward, reducing material costs and production complexity, thereby efficiently managing overall cable manufacturing expenses.

The circuitry is further simplified as adding a single 1kΩ resistor on the PCB ensures the chip's proper functioning. This minimalist peripheral circuit not only curbs the bill of materials (BOM) cost but also streamlines PCB layout, hastening time-to-market.

The SOT23-3 three-pin minimalistic package, renowned for its tiny footprint and ease of mounting, compared to larger chips, conserves PCB space, trims down assembly costs, and bolsters production efficiency.

Below is an illustrative diagram of the HUSB332E enabling a 240W five-core cable design for USB2.0 cables. The PCB at the chip end and the one without can be designed as a shared board, with the chipless PCB merely omitting the HUSB332F installation.


Figure 3:Schematic diagram of HUSB332F realizing 240W five-core wire

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