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Hynetek Releases HUSB361, a Highly Integrated 15W~65W USB PD Chip for Efficient and Low-Consumption Fast Charging Source Design

8 2, 2022

    Facing the power supply design trend of small size single-port or multi-port fast charging, Hynetek Semiconductor has launched HUSB361, an ultra-small package, high performance and highly integrated USB PD chip, supporting 15W~65W power output. HUSB361 supports the latest Type-C 2.1 and USB PD3.1 standards, supporting PD3.0, PD2.0, PPS, QC2.0/ QC3.0, FCP, AFC, BC1.2 DCP, SCP and other protocols, and has been certified by USB-IF. HUSB361 is more compatible and suitable for all kinds of USB Type-C powered devices such as AC-DC Power Adapters and car chargers.

HUSB361 Features



    HUSB361 can pin-to-pin replace the same type of products on the market and similar products of Hynetek, so that the PD performance can be improved without redesigning and the product can be quickly updated.


Typical Application Circuit


    The single-port fast charging source design shown above allows for dynamic power reduction, switching between 18W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 45W and 60W via pins. In addition, the HUSB361 consumes less power compared to its counterparts, with a standby current of 550μA and an operating current of 2.6mA.


    Using two HUSB361, a small size, high reliability, low cost 65W dual C power supply design solution can be achieved. This design supports any single C-port 65W output power, dual-port plugging two ports with 30W output power each; at the same time it supports adjusting the ACDC output voltage, when the C-port output ≤ 12V can be adjusted to 13V for DCDC power supply, improving conversion efficiency.





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