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More Than Small ! HUSB332D opens up the era of 4-pin emarker

2 20, 2023

Recently, it is widely rumored that the interface of iPhone 15 series will be replaced with USB Type-C port, and the key accessory that connects it to the charger - USB Type-C cable will also usher in an explosive market opportunity. At the same time, with the official launch of USB Power Delivery 3.1 and USB4™ V2.0 standards, it also means that USB Type-C cables are developing rapidly towards multi-function and high performance.

The new generation of eMarker HUSB332D from Hynetek Semiconductor is compliant with USB Type-C 2.2 specification, USB PD3.1 and USB4™ V2.0 standards, and offers ultra-high performance for all types of USB Type-C cable applications, USB4™ passive cables; it also supports 240 W, 80 Gbps C to C cables. design. The HUSB332D also comes in an ultra-small 1.6 mm × 1.6 mm DFN-4L package, ushering in the era of the 4-pin eMarker.

More Than Small--Small


The HUSB332D is available in 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm and 2 mm x 2 mm package sizes, and the 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm package size makes the HUSB332D more aesthetically pleasing for USB Type-C cable design and improves placement yields. In addition, the HUSB332D in DFN2×2-6L package is compatible with some of the previous eMarker product models, allowing for quick upgrade iterations of cable products.

More Than Small--More


The HUSB332D is available in both DFN1.6×1.6-4L and DFN2×2-6L packages. eMarker's pin count is groundbreakingly down to 4 pins. As can be seen in the above diagram, with fewer pins, the HUSB332D is extremely simple to wire peripheral circuits, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of designing high-performance cables to help bring products to market quickly.

Meanwhile, HUSB332D is open for sample application, contact us to request free samples.

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