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Congratulations! Hynetek was awarded the specialized and sophisticated

7 25, 2023

In order to deeply implement the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping on "cultivating a number of ' Specialized and Sophisticated ' SMEs", on 14th July, 2023, according to the "Announcement on the List of the Fifth Batch of specialized and sophisticated "small giant" Enterprises in Shenzhen City and the List of the Second Batch of specialized and sophisticated "small giant" Enterprises Passed the Re-checking" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Hynetek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


According to the Interim Measures for the Management of Elevated Cultivation of High-quality Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, "Small Giant" enterprises need to satisfy the six indicators of speciality, refinement, speciality, newness, chain and product, and to focus on casting speciality, leaning out benefits, winning the market with characteristics, and seeking development with innovation. It is not only the core strength of speciality and sophisticated enterprises, but also the foundation for further development into manufacturing single champion enterprises. These enterprises regard "innovation" as the soul of business operation and market competition, have their own "unique skills", and have strong voice in certain segments of the industrial chain, and are the main force in solving the hidden problem of "necklace". It is the main force in solving the hidden problems of "necklace".

Being assessed as a national speciality and sophisticated "small giant" enterprise is another major breakthrough after the company was selected for the 2022 Shenzhen " speciality and sophisticated " enterprise list. It is an all-round affirmation by the relevant government departments on Hynetek Semiconductor 's innovation ability, development speed, enterprise operation quality, product market share, social influence and so on.
As a chip design company focusing on smart energy control technology, Hynetek Semiconductor is deeply committed to the field of smart fast charging and digital power, and has always insisted on technological research and development and innovation to improve its product power. In the future, Hynetek Semiconductor will continue to shoulder the mission of " Green & Intelligent energy control solutions for a better future ", to provide customers around the world with better high-performance digital-analogue hybrid chip products and solutions, in order to achieve the "science and technology to strengthen the country's" strategic development mission to contribute to the strength.

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