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New Product Launch | HP1011: High-Performance Digital Dual-Phase Interleaved PFC Controller

1 3, 2024

With the continuous development of PFC technology, various novel PFC topologies have emerged, such as single-phase PFC, interleaved parallel PFC, traditional bridgeless PFC, totem-pole bridgeless PFC, etc. The interleaved Boost PFC system not only inherits all the advantages of a parallel system but also reduces input current ripple and decreases the current stress on switching transistors. For medium to high power applications, an interleaved Boost PFC converter operating in Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) is typically adopted.

For medium to high power PFC applications, the combination of Hynetek's HP1011 and HP3000 offers an outstanding PFC solution with high power ranging from 300 W to 3 kW, delivering high performance and low system cost. This pairing is conducive to high power density and flat design, enabling customers to easily develop high-performance and highly reliable switch-mode power supply products.


Figure 1 : HP1011 Pinout and Package Diagram

HP1011 is Hynetek's first digital controller for dual-phase interleaved CCM PFC, featuring average current control. Its digital architecture is based on a high-speed digital state machine structure, integrating a high-performance analog front-end and high-speed comparators, ensuring real-time high-performance control of the PFC. The HP1011 can intelligently switch between Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM), Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM), and Burst Mode, offering excellent light-load efficiency. The chip itself has a low power consumption of just 30 mW, with a sleep mode where the supply current drops to 1 mA. HP1011 supports automatic channel management, smoothing load transitions at lower power conditions, improving the PFC converter's load transient response, and boosting efficiency under mid-to-low loads. It also ensures that the effective value deviation of inductor current between phases is less than 5%.HP1011 integrates comprehensive programmable protection functions, including cycle-by-cycle current limit protection, surge overvoltage protection, input voltage overvoltage/undervoltage protection, output voltage overvoltage/undervoltage protection, and output feedback voltage open-circuit protection, with all protection parameters and enable/disable settings configurable independently. HP1011 allows for easy configuration of chip functionalities through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) software, greatly facilitating end-product design and shortening customers' time-to-market.

As China's first digital CCM dual-phase interleaved PFC chip solution, its flexible design features make it suitable for a wide range of systems, including air conditioners and white goods, high-performance computers, 5G/telecommunications power supplies, industrial power supplies, Ultra-High Density (UHD) power supplies, and PFC power supplies with IGBTs.

Chip Features:

• High-flexibility digital PWM, supporting operating frequencies from 20 kHz to 200 kHz

• High-performance analog front-end

• High-performance digital control loop

• Enhanced dynamic loop response

• Multi-mode operation in CCM (Continuous Conduction Mode), DCM (Discontinuous Conduction Mode), and Burst modes

• Dynamic current balancing between phases for inductor currents

• Cycle-by-cycle (CBC) peak current limiting

• Programmable single-phase shedding (Phase Shedding)

• Support for high-voltage DC input

• RMS power metering

• Intelligent relay control and surge current control

• X-capacitor discharge control

• A comprehensive set of programmable protection features

• Low power consumption, with a supply current as low as 1mA in Sleep Mode

• I2C and UART interfaces for programming via an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)


Figure 2 : HP1011 Typical Application Circuit Diagram


         Figure 3 :HP1011 Graphical User Interface(GUI)

Highlight 1: Streamlined Circuitry and Efficient Integration

HP1011 comes in a compact 4 mm x 4 mm QFN-24L package, integrating high-speed ADCs, high-precision comparators, and other high-performance analog front-end components. Paired with HP3000, it forms a complete system solution. It also incorporates surge control circuitry, power metering, communication interfaces, resulting in a streamlined external circuitry, a compact overall design, minimal PCB footprint, saving board space, and effectively reducing BOM costs.

Highlight 2: Mode Switching and Phase Shedding

HP1011 supports seamless switching between CCM, DCM, and Burst modes while allowing programmable frequency spreading to optimize EMI performance. Additionally, its programmable phase shedding function enables the system to automatically shut down any channel at a set power level, enhancing light-load efficiency.


  Figure 4 :Efficiency Curve of the 1000 W Dual-Phase Interleaved PFC Evaluation Board 

Highlight 3: Dynamic Phase Current Balancing

HP1011 supports dynamic phase current balancing. Using the GUI software, users can configure the two channels for dynamic inductor current balancing, ensuring that the effective value deviation of the average inductor current between phases is less than 5%.


  Figure 5 :Enable phase current dynamic balancing to achieve load sharing even under significant differences in dual-phase parameters

PF and THD Test Results

The following figures show the PF and THD test results of the HP1011 under full load conditions across 100 VAC and 230 VAC inputs.


Figure 6 :PF curve of the 1000 W evaluation board


Figure 7 :THD curve of the 1000W evaluation board

Hynetek has concurrently launched an evaluation board for the HP1011 rated at 1000W. Key specifications include:

• Input Voltage Range: 90 VAC ~ 265 VAC

• Output Voltage: 400 VDC

• Output Power: 1000 W

• Typical Efficiency: 98.5%


Figure 8 :1000 W evaluation board utilizing the HP1011 controller

HP3000 is a dual-channel low-side driver under Hynetek's HySwitch product series, forming a system-level dual-phase interleaved PFC solution when paired with HP1011.

Small Size and High Voltage Withstanding:HP3000 comes in both SOIC-8L and ultra-small 2 mm x 2 mm DFN-8L packages, allowing customers to select the appropriate package directly based on their application needs.


Figure 9 : HP3000 Pinout and Package Diagram

HP3000 boasts industry-leading voltage withstand capabilities: a 35 V VDD supply pin voltage rating and -12 V input pin negative voltage tolerance. Its key electrical parameters, including drive up/down currents, switch delays, and matched switch delays, surpass those of comparable products.

Comprehensive Reliability Certification:

HP3000, with its exceptional performance and high reliability, has passed the complete JEDEC reliability standard tests, demonstrating thorough reliability certification.

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