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Exclusive Headline | Hynetek, as the sole representative from the mainland chip industry, travels to Taipei for the USB-IF Compliance Workshop

1 4, 2024

USB-IF, as a renowned standardization organization for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification, organizes 4 to 5 Plugfest events worldwide each year to enhance technical exchanges among industry professionals and refine the certification process and types of USB-related products. Among these, one event is held outside the United States annually. This November 6th, Hynetek was the sole representative from the mainland's semiconductor industry to attend the USB-IF Compliance Workshop #132 in Taipei, China.

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(Hynetek's technicians have an in-depth conversation with USB-IF leaders)


(Product testing site)

The main focus of testing at this 132nd  event revolves around PD 3.1 related products and chips, which will serve as a crucial opportunity for the official advancement of the PD 3.1 product ecosystem. The conference brings together representatives from manufacturers and organizations globally, allowing participating companies to showcase their USB products and latest technologies and innovations. During this event, Hynetek showcased several high-performance products including HUSB362 and HUSB380, all of which have successfully passed various functional tests (their certifications can be verified through

HUSB362--USB PD Source chips supporting multi-port 140W PD3.1 power supply designs


(HUSB362  demonstration board)

HUSB362 is an MCU-integrated USB PD Source protocol chip supporting PD3.1 EPR, specifically designed for high-performance power supply applications. It supports EPR mode up to 140 W (28 V 5 A), PPS ranging from 18 W to 100 W, and AVS from 100 W to 140 W. HUSB362 features a programmable DPDM PHY where D+ and D- pins can be configured to support QC2.0, QC3.0, AFC, FCP, and Divider3 modes, ensuring excellent compatibility with traditional devices. It integrates N-MOS driver control to determine whether VIN and VBUS are conductive, thereby protecting devices connected via a Type-C connector. HUSB362 is among the first multi-port power distribution PD chips certified for PD3.1 EPR, with TID number: 9692.

During this USB-IF event, HUSB362 has achieved Shared Capacity certification. As the only domestically developed multi-port dynamic power sharing (shared capacity) PD-certified chip in China, HUSB362 enables intelligent power allocation across multiple ports, maximizing power utilization, with TID number: 10177. Moreover, we assisted CE-LINK charger, equipped with HUSB362, to successfully pass the Shared Capacity certification, with TID number: 10178. This makes it the only domestically produced multi-port dynamic power sharing (shared capacity) PD-certified charger in China.


(HUSB362 certified for Shared Capacity)

Chip Characteristics

   – Compliant with USB Type-C Specification Reversion 2.1 

   – Compliant with USB PD Specification  Reversion 3.1 

   – Compliance certification, TID:9329; 

   – EPR certification, TID:9692; 

   – BC1.2 DCP and Divider 3 

   – QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4+, AFC, FCP 

HUSB380--USB PD Source chips with integrated low-impedance N-MOS


(HUSB380  demonstration board)

HUSB380 is a highly integrated, high-performance, and compact USB PD Source chip designed to support power output ranging from 15 W to 65 W, making it ideal for miniaturized fast charging power supply designs. Compliant with the latest Type-C 2.1 and USB PD3.1 standards, HUSB380 supports protocols such as PD3.0, PD2.0, PPS, QC2.0/QC3.0, FCP, AFC, BC1.2 DCP, and SCP. It offers programmable voltage and current capabilities for up to 5 FPDOs and 2 APDOs. The chip integrates a low-impedance N-MOS along with essential protections including Overvoltage Protection (OVP), Undervoltage Protection (UVP), UnderVoltage Lockout (UVLO), Overcurrent Protection (OCP), Fast Overcurrent Protection (FOCP), and Thermal Shutdown (TSD). Encapsulated in a QFN-32L package measuring 4 mm x 4 mm, HUSB380 is suitable for various applications such as AC-DC power adapters and car chargers.Notably, HUSB380 has successfully passed the USB-IF Association's PD3.1 certification tests, with TID number: 10190.


(HUSB380, a PD Source with PPS, certified for PD 3.1)

Chip Characteristics

    – Support 5 FPDOs with Programmable  Voltage and Current 

    – Support 2 APDOs with Programmable  Voltage and Current 

    – BC1.2 DCP Mode – Divider 3 Mode 

    – QC2.0/3.0 Class A 

    – AFC, FCP and SCP 

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