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New 2C1A three-port USB PD controller with flexible miniaturization for 18W~65W multi-port fast charging design

4 27, 2023

In response to the trend of multi-port fast charging in the fast charging source market, Hynetek is introducing a high-performance, highly integrated USB Type-C*2 and USB Type-A*1 3-port PD controller, HUSB390, for fast implementation of multi-port fast charging designs such as 2C and 2C1A with 18 W~65 W.


In addition, the HUSB390 integrates all necessary protections such as OVP, UVP, UVLO, OCP, FOCP, CC or DPDM OVP, and TSD. The HUSB390 is packaged in a QFN-40L (5 mm x 5 mm) package and is suitable for a variety of multi-port power adapters, car chargers, plugs, etc.


VIN1 connected to VIN2

When a single port is connected, USB PD or HVDCP is enabled; when two or three ports are connected simultaneously, only 5V output is available.

VIN1 not connected to VIN2

When single port is connected, USB PD or HVDCP is enabled; if 1A1C is connected at the same time, both ports share 5 V; if 3 ports are plugged together, 1A1C of them share 5 V and the other C port still supports fast charging.

In addition, the HUSB390 automatically recognizes the presence or absence of cables on the port for a better fast charging experience.



1C port

1A port

Any two ports and above

In the face of the current market more small and medium power multi-port fast charging needs, the above design can perfectly realize the single chip control three ports fast charging needs, greatly reducing the design difficulty and reduce the BOM cost. In addition, HUSB390 can judge the threshold at low light load, which can solve the problem of filling up small current devices.


1C port

1A port

Dual-port co-location

3 ports plugged together

The above intelligent power-down design allows flexible multi-port fast charging design from 35 W to 65 W medium-high power. Meanwhile, the fast charging power can be freely set according to the demand, which can improve the charging efficiency.

Please contact us for more information and reference design of HUSB390, and get free samples.

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