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fight against COVID-19 with one heart and overcom the difficult times together|Hynetekers’ diary of fighting against COVID-19

4 13, 2022

    The COVID-19 in Shanghai over the past few days has touched the hearts of people across the country, with medical teams and security supplies coming from all over the country. In Shanghai, people from all walks of life have also joined the frontline of fighting against COVID-19. Among them were two colleagues from the Shanghai office of Hynetek Semiconductor, who became volunteers to protect the city during the difficult times.


   "I live in an older community in Puxi, where many elderly people live. When the closure and control policy first came out, I could foresee the problems after the closure and control, such as information transfer, residents' living and living, and nucleic acid testing. So I reached out to our street committee in the hope that I could assist in the anti-epidemic efforts." Houde Zhou, vice president of operations for Hynetek Semiconductor, described his volunteer work this time, "I officially came on board on March 31. The grassroots epidemic prevention work is actually quite tedious, and it is not enough to rely on the neighborhood committee staff alone, so volunteers are needed to fight side by side with the committee staff. I mainly helped with paperwork, handling various information, posting notices, and so on. Many times I also participated in distributing supplies, delivering food and meals, etc. I guess I went wherever I was needed."


Community's work of fighting against COVID-19

    "The city is the soil in which the business grows, and the development of the business must be based on social stability." So said  Huailiang Sheng, general manager of Huinengtai Semiconductor, in the face of the epidemic. Under the epidemic, the company strictly abides by the epidemic prevention system, while also coordinating various work tasks in an orderly manner. For those employees who are in a position to participate in volunteer work, the company holds a positive and supportive attitude. "The colleagues in Huinengtai's Shanghai office have been under seal and semi-seal for more than half a month. We are sealed at home, but we still try to do something for the city, which is the responsibility and commitment of our people. We believe that with our joint efforts, Shanghai will definitely regain its vitality soon."

Work at home, to protect the interests of customers

    For Hynetek Semiconductor, employees are mainly located in Shenzhen and Shanghai. In the face of the recent epidemic closure and control policies in Shenzhen and Shanghai, colleagues in both locations basically experienced a home-based work situation. In response to the possible impact of working from home, company leaders met in advance to coordinate work arrangements and promptly adjusted management mechanisms.

    Some departments also flexibly arranged study sessions and sharing sessions during this period to improve the business level of the department. Some colleagues even moved their lab equipment back to their homes so that their work could be carried out smoothly.


Home Lab

       Even with the flexibility to work from home, some tasks could not be completed at home. During the Shenzhen epidemic, Paco, an application engineer, chose to stay overnight at the company until the project was completed, while ensuring his own safety and complying with the epidemic prevention policy.


Take samples at the site, the cold Shunfeng site

    The March 27th before the Shanghai seal control was the stage when the HUSB320 was out for sampling. The samples were in Suzhou and needed to be sent to the Shanghai office to complete testing and then finally delivered to the customer. Each step here was difficult, but with the succession of colleagues at Hynetek, the task was finally completed before the seal control, ensuring the timely delivery of the customer's samples.


Home-based Hynetekers

    Of course, during the control period, there were more colleagues who worked from home. During the home office period, we responded to customers and promoted business, and all the staff of Hynetek made every effort to protect the interests of customers and maintain the normal operation of the company.

"Since the employee's family has entrusted him to Hynetek, Hynetek has to be his most solid backing."

    During this epidemic in Shanghai, supplies became one of the daily concerns of everyone. Colleagues in different regions of Shanghai were facing more or less the problem of lack of living materials. Hynetek's administration department has been collecting information on the lives and offices of our colleagues since March 14. Thanks to this timely and effective information, the company adhered to its people-oriented philosophy and quickly approved the decision to prepare gift packs of anti-epidemic supplies for all colleagues.

    On April 2, Hynetek's colleagues in Shanghai started to prepare the epidemic prevention material gift packs. In fact, it was not easy to find suppliers who could sell and deliver large quantities of supplies under the closure control policy. It took about 2 days to prepare the gift bags, which were divided into fruits and vegetables and dry food according to the living habits of our colleagues. The contents of the gift bags were divided into fruits and vegetables and dry food according to the living habits of the colleagues. Each gift bag could cover a week's living needs.


Stuffed full of anti-epidemic gift bags

    In the later distribution process, the work was completed with the participation of some colleagues. First, two points were identified in Pudong and Puxi, where two colleagues received the gift bags, and then they contacted couriers or takeaways who could deliver the goods across districts to distribute the gift bags, which ensured that every colleague could receive this important material. Although it was delivered in the same city, the whole delivery work took nearly 2 days, and the last one received the gift package was delivered at 4:30 am on April 6.


Two types of vaccination packages

    It is worth mentioning that, considering the difficulty of purchasing and distributing supplies, Hynetek also sent anti-epidemic gift packs to some of its partner companies in Shanghai, counterparts from friendly companies and colleagues who had struggled together, hoping that we would all get through this difficult time together.

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