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Application Report|Disassembly Case Based on HUSB332C "One-Cable with Two-eMarker" PD3.1 Over Temperature Protection Solution

4 23, 2023

Today, we got the new Lightning π fast charging cable from UGREEN  and disassembled it. It supports the latest PD 3.1 protocol, fast charging power up to 240 W, dual USB-C interfaces, each equipped with an eMarker chip, comes with over-temperature protection, cable length 1.5 meters, and supports 480Mbps USB data transfer.


1、Power supply capacity


2、Disassemble the data cable


The data cable has an aluminum case on both ends, and when disassembled, there is an eMarker chip HUSB332C on both ends. HUSB332C supports PD3.1 EPR 240W power transfer (TID 8655) and USB4 V2.0 80Gbps data transfer, and also supports Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 Data communication. It also integrates Over Temperature Protection (OTP) with Hynetek's patented technology and can be programmed via CC line or I²C bus.


As you can see, the cable has a total of five solder pins, which are a VBUS line, a GND line, three signal lines (D+, D-, CC). Compared with the conventional six lines, the use of "one-wire, two-core" program can be reduced by one Vconn power supply line inside the cable, reducing cable costs while also allowing the cable to become more flexible and beautiful.

3、HUSB332C "One-Cable with Two-eMarker" high-power USB-C cable reference design


The USB-IF Association requires eMarker to be installed when a cable is required for 3A and above charging, and the "one-wire, two-core" design implemented in the circuit above enhances the stability of high-power fast charging and high-speed data transmission. When compared with a single eMarker cable, the "one-wire, two-core" cable provides more accurate PD communication information transmission. Especially in the case of large loads, transients, etc., PD communication will be more affected, the difference is more obvious.

In addition, the USB Type-C cable must be considered when high-power fast charging temperature, over-temperature protection function is particularly necessary. Since the HUSB332C comes with Wisepac's patented Over Temperature Protection (OTP) feature, the HUSB332C's "one wire, two core" solution eliminates the need for additional over temperature protection circuitry to protect the cable. This greatly reduces the number of peripheral devices, but also reduces the cost of the cable.


With the launch of the PD3.1 standard, the power side, cable side, device side are facing a comprehensive upgrade. The cable side is facing the test of ultra-high safety performance requirements. HUSB332C "one wire, two cores" solution has gradually become the benchmark solution for PD3.1 high-power USB-C cable over-temperature protection program, which has been widely selected and recognized by the market.

In the USB Type-C cable and USB eMarker chip, Hynetek has a comprehensive patent layout and has been granted six related patents. Hynetek's unique chip architecture can bring customers more stable performance and cost advantages, and has launched several technologically advanced USB eMarker products, such as the HUSB332D, the world's first PD3.1 certified eMarker chip, the HUSB332B, which comes with over-temperature protection, and the HUSB332C. HUSB332B, the world's first PD3.1 certified eMarker chip HUSB332B, eMarker HUSB332C with over-temperature protection, and HUSB335 that connects to the UFCS ecosystem.

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