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Product Descriptions

The HUSB311 is a USB Type-C PD controller that complies with the latest USB Type-C and PD3.0 standards. It implements the USB Type-C port power control for VCONN, USB Type-C CC control and sensing and USB PD Message delivery. The HUSB311 has programmable Rp and Rd settings for each CC line. It does the USB Type-C detection including attach and orientation. The HUSB311 integrates a complete BMC encoding including a receiver and transmitter. With this physical layer of the USB BMC power delivery protocol, the HUSB311 is able to handle the PD protocol and support any power up to 100W and perform role swap as needed. The BMC PD block enables full support for alternative interfaces of the Type-C specification.The HUSB311 uses I2C to communicate with the TCPM via employing an INT signal for requesting attention.

Typical Application Circuit
Sample and Order
Order ModelTemperature RangePackageShipping
HUSB311BLA-40°C - 125°CQFN-14LTape & Reel, 3kApply Now
HUSB311ACC-40°C - 125°CWLCSP-9BTape & Reel, 3kApply Now
Product Features

  • Dual-Role Port PD Compatible

  • Attach/Detach Detection as Host, Device or DRP

  • Current Capability Definition and Detection

  • Cable Recognition

  • Dead Battery Support

  • VCONN Path Control

  • Ultra-low Power Mode for Attach Detection

  • Simple I2C Interface with Indication Pin

  • Dual Slave Address for Dual Port Application

  • BIST Mode Supported

  • Programmable Default Settings

  • 9-Ball WLCSP (WLCSP-9B) and 14-Lead QFN (QFN-14L) Packages

Technical Documents
Typical Applications


Mobile phone


Notebook and tablet



Evaluation Board Kit


HUSB311 demo board: EVB_HUSB311_BLA

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