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Product Descriptions

The HUSB332A is a USB Type-C eMarker for Cable ID applications. It is compliant with USB Type-C Specification Revision 2.0. It is compliant to USB Power Delivery 3.0 and USB4™ Specification. Powered from VCONN1 or VCONN2, the HUSB332A can determine to act as SOP’. The built-in OTP can be programmed through CC line or I2C bus so that it will be flexible for in-system programming. The HUSB332A operates over a wide supply range of 2.7 V to 5.75 V. It is available in DFN2×2-6L, DFN2×2-8L, and DFN2×3-8L packages. It is rated over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

Typical Application Circuit
Sample and Order
Order ModelDescriptionsPackageTemperature RangeShipping
HUSB332A_U31DADefault USB3.1/USB3.2 gen 2, 1m cableDFN2×2-6L-40°C - 85°CTape & Reel, 4kApply Now
HUSB332A_U31DBDefault USB3.1/USB3.2 gen 2, 1m cableDFN2×2-8L-40°C - 85°CTape & Reel, 4kApply Now
HUSB332A_U31DCDefault USB3.1/USB3.2 gen 2, 1m cableDFN2×3-8L-40°C - 85°CTape & Reel, 3kApply Now
HUSB332A_U31DWDefault USB3.1/USB3.2 gen 2, 1m cableWLCSP-6B-40°C - 85°CTape & Reel, 3kApply Now
Product Features
  • USB Type-C 2.0 and PD 3.0 compliant

    • USB-IF Certified. TID: 4324, XID: 5403

    • Support SOP’ communication

    • Integrated transceiver (BMC PHY)

    • Support both structured VDM version 1.0 and 2.0

  • High integration

    • Embedded both side Ra resistors

    • Embedded both side VCONN diodes

  • Different package options:

    • DFN2×2-6L

    • DFN2×2-8L

    • DFN2×3-8L

  • Support 3 times Programming

  • Compatible with third party programming Tools

  • Support 2.7V ~ 5.75V operation on VCONN1 and VCONN2 Pins

  • Custom structured VDM writing through CC pin

  • 25V high voltage tolerance and OVP on CC, VCONN1 and VCONN2 pins

  • Support Thunderbolt 3 and USB4TM 40Gbps data communication

  • Support Get Manufacturer Info command with 22 Free Bytes

  • ±8 kV HBM ESD on CC, VCONN1 and VCONN2 pins

Technical Documents
Typical Applications


USB Type-C cable

Evaluation Board Kit


HUSB332A demo board: EVB_HUSB332A_U31DA

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