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Product Descriptions

The HUSB601 is a fast charging protocol controller dedicated for USB Type-A charging application. It supports multiple fast charging protocols including BC1.2 Dedicated, Charging Port (DCP), Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC) 2.0/3.0 Class A and Class B and QC3+, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge (AFC), Huawei Fast Charger Protocol (FCP) and Smart Charge Protocol (SCP). 

The HUSB601 detects the types of the powered devices automatically and selects the proper fast charging protocol. The maximum charging voltage during fast charging is configurable to limit the charging power. The HUSB601 supports charging power switching between fast charging and 5V charging dynamically, compatible with the power de-rating application in the charging system which has multiple charging ports. 

The HUSB601 adjusts the charging voltage accurately by sourcing/sinking current through FB pin. Low quiescent current of the HUSB601 ensures minimum power consumption and reduces the thermal stress of the charging system. The HUSB601 is available in a SOT23-6 package.

Typical Application Circuit
Sample and Order
Order ModelPackageTemperature RangeShipping
HUSB601_LSASOT23-6−40°C to +125°CTape & Reel, 3kApply Now
HUSB601_HSASOT23-6−40°C to +125°CTape & Reel, 3kApply Now
HUSB601_ASASOT23-6−40°C to +125°CTape & Reel, 3kApply Now
Product Features
  • Qualcomm QC3+ certified: QC20210519235

  • Support multiple fast charging protocols

    • BC1.2 DCP

    • Apple 5 V, 2.4 A

    • Samsung AFC

    • QC2.0/3.0 (Class A & B), QC3+

    • Huawei FCP and SCP

  • Configurable maximum charging voltage

  • Dynamically switching between fast charging and 5 V charging

  • Accurate adjustment of charging voltage

  • Automatic detection of powered devices

  • High voltage capability of DP, DM pins up to 25 V

  • Low quiescent current down to 50 μA

Technical Documents
Typical Applications


General USB Type-A output ports


Car Charger

Evaluation Board Kit
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